Titan M0 with Smokie M2

Titan is the strongest armour of the newbies. It is slow but hard to destroy, and it's the most used between the new snipers of the game. Mostly used with Firebird, Smoky, and the Twins. Especially effective against higher ranks such as staff seargent.


Upgrade Hp M/sec Grad/sec Minimum Rank Cost
1 60 3.0 60 Corporal 20
2 70 3.2 63 Master Corporal 100
3 90 3.5 70 Staff Sergeant 300
4 120 4.0 80 First Sergeant 900

Special AbilitesEdit

The chassis composed of low heat tolerance. So Firebirds and Twins are less effective when used against this armor.

High durability lets it do about anything on the battle field exept capture the flag, which should be left to the faster tanks such as the Dictator and the Hornet.