Thunder M0 with Didactor M2

Thunder is the strongest medium-caliber gun. Although most players consider it as something like firebird, it is more like a rapid-firing railgun, and can beat any level equivalent Smoky. Although, it is not recommended use in M0 or M1. It is often used by the higher ranks of the game. As everything comes with a cost, its upgrading price is very expensive, and that's a reason for the new players to not use it. It is mostly used with Viking, Didactor, Hornet, Hunter, and Mammoth. With an M3 Thunder, you can easily beat an M3 Railgun.


Upgrade Hp Shot/min Grad/sec Minimum Rank Cost
1 40-55 20.3 45.8 Grefeiter 500
2 53-72 22.6 51.6 Warrant Officer 4 38 600
3 58-79 23.7 65.9 Captain 110 500
4 63-85 24.7 91.7 Brigaider 186 200

Special AbilitiesEdit

Thunder has the special ability to damage all the enemies surrounding the hit place. But if the shot hit's any surface too close from yourself, you get damaged too. If friendly-fire is enabled, your teammates are also damaged.

Best PaintsEdit

The best paints to use with a Thunder are:

Rustle (90 500): It's the best for that who use Thunder is Rustle because it has protection against Thunder itself, wich protects you from your own fire, and as also protection against Isida, wich usualy is always near you when attacking, wich makes your own shots damage yourself. Rustle is unlocked at Rank 20, Major