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Tanki Online is a free massively multiplayer online game based on Adobe Flash technology that was created in mid-2008 by AlternativaPlatform. It is a browser-based game in the third-person shooter

genre. According to the game's own server load graph, it has many tens 

of thousands of concurrent players at any one time, as of October 2014.[1] As of October 2014, Tanki Online has about 5 million monthly players.[2]

At the beginning of 2009, the game received prestigious Russian КRI Awards 2009 in nominations "Best game without a publisher" and "Best technology". Another award won was Russian Flash Awards 2009 in the category: "Technical achievement".[3]

The game went under serious changes in the 2014 and 2015 Winter. The best map in the world of Tanki was deleted for some reason. Serpuhov was a great map (may it rest in peace). Now if you would join us and morn for the loss of Serpy (as I called it).

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Gameplay Edit

Gameplay is organized into matches called battles, in which players each command their tank to accomplish a set goal. The game features four game modes: Deathmatch, the mode in which the goal is to destroy as many other tanks as possible in a set amount of time, Team deathmatch, the mode in which the goal is for the person's team to destroy as many tanks on the other team in a set amount of time, Capture the Flag, the mode in which the goal is to steal the enemy team's flag from enemy base and capture it at home base, and Control Points, a mode in which the goal is for the player's team to control as many specific locations on the map known as points. Players may enter or leave a battle at any time, via the main lobby. However, entering a battle late usually results in a lower score and fewer reward crystals. Battles begin immediately when they are created, regardless of whether the teams are balanced and/or the battle has the maximum allocation of players (however, the countdown in a timed match does not begin until at least one tank joins the battle).

Battles take place across a variety of "maps", most of which are player-contributed while some of them are designed by professional in-game map-designers. Each map is distinct and creates a different style of gameplay. Different maps also favor different weapons e.g. the smaller maps favoring the close-range weapons, and vice versa. Most maps come in both a "summer" and a "winter" mode, also coming with a night and day mode. Each mode using different buildings and landscapes. In addition to selecting the map and mode, battles, which are user-created, have another setting called "PRO." This setting lets players turn on and off such settings as "friendly-fire" and "auto-balance".

Currency Edit

In battles, players can buy upgrades and bonuses in the "Garage" (supplies & pass), with an in-game currency called crystals. Crystals can be earned by participating in battles, where crystals from the battle fund are divided among players participating in the battle. In team battles, crystals are divided mostly among the winning team's players. In the game, a player is given a rank. By ranking up, the player receives bonus crystals, which vary in amount based on the ranking that was newly obtained. Collecting a box dropped in the game, known as the "Gold Box", immediately gives the player 1000 crystals. The probability of a "Gold Box" appearing in a battle is 1 in 7000.[4] Other ways to obtain crystals is to buy them or receive them as a daily gift. Crystals received as a daily gift vary in amount based on ranking.

Garage Edit

In the Garage, players can buy guns, hulls, protective paints, and supplies to aid them in battles. Each gun, hull, and paint can be upgraded. New players start out with a generic tank and gun, each of which can be upgraded to deal more damage, quicker reloads, etc. Different guns and hulls have different aspects that can be upgraded. Protective paints can also be purchased using crystals. They are designed to reduce the amount of damage from specific types of guns. Supplies include power-ups and mines. Supplies can double the player's armor, double the player's attack power, or increase the player's speed. Supplies are dropped in the field of play and can be purchased in the Garage or received as a daily gift.

Daily Gifts Edit

By returning to the game daily, the player is awarded with a gift. The gift can consist of supplies, a Double Crystal card (which doubles the amount of crystals that are purchased with real money), a PRO battle pass (which allows players to participate in PRO battles), crystals, supplies, and inactive for long periods, a score multiplier pass.

Communication Edit

The game has a number of ways in which players can communicate with each other in the game. Each battle has a built-in game chat, as well as there being a general chat for the whole of each server for every player in that server not in a battle to communicate.

The game also has an official forum, which includes clans, accessible once a certain rank is reached, feature where players can interact and organize times to play battles together with members of their own clan.

Contests Edit

Periodically, the administrators of Tanki Online create official contests and competitions, where players have the ability to participate in battles, create videos, or produce fan art, all for internal prizes for the first, second, third, and sometimes fourth and fifth places.

Development Edit

Tanki Online was created in mid-2008 by AlternativaPlatform, located in Perm, Russia.[5] The game was used to showcase Alternativa's Flash 3D engine for the web, which was considered cutting-edge technology at the time.[6]

The continuing development of Tanki Online has caught the attention of Adobe Systems, and the companies have jointly used the game to promote the 3D capabilities of Flash.[7] The developers of Tanki Online announced that they would be moving the game to the Unity engine in order to enhance the gaming experience and facilitate the development of Tanki Online for mobile devices and consoles. The developers had considered the move during early development stages, but due to the fact that not many computers had Unity installed, they discarded the idea for the time being. However, seeing as how Unity has grown, they decided to begin the move this year.