A smoky gun with Wasps

The Smoky gun is a medium-caliber gun, used mostly by the newbies in the game. The Smoky is the starting weapon of the game, and is mostly used by low-level newbies. However, it is relativly cheap and effective against other newbies. It's good for almost any kind of battle, even the small maps.

Many players [staff sergeants] upgrade it to M3 as it is a good sniper weapon. Smoky's range is infinite, meaning it can hit targets on the other side of the map. The Smoky is used so much, that even Warrent Officers and sometimes Leiutenants are seen with M3 Smokies, despite them having access to Smoky's Tier 2 cousin, Thunder.


Upgrade Hp Shot/min Grad/sec % Minimum Rank Cost
0 17-21 30.0 57.3 5 Recruit 0
1 23-28 32.3 71.6 6 First Sergent 11 000
2 28-35 36.6 94.0 7 Colonel 114 800
3 29-36 38.7 103.1 8 Marshal 268 600