Ricochet is the most versatile Tier 2 specialist weapon in Tanki Online. The Ricochet can currently be obtained at 1900 crystals.

Because of this, you can use Ricochet to hit targets that would otherwise be impossible to hit. In tight spaces, you can fire several shots in there to clear out tanks without even taking a single hit. However, you must be carefull to not hit yourself on accident. Ricochet has longer range than Twins, and still packs more punch. Ricochet is also good in the open, however you will be more exposed to longer range weapons. This weapon is not much of a sniper's tool, but can be used in some sniping situations exactly or within 80 meters. Also used as a fire support weapon and a defense weapon that, used perfectly, can become a caper's worst nightmare in Capture the Flag. I suggest you use it on Viking M1 or M2. M2 and M3 Ricochet are employed better on M3 Viking.


Upgrade HP/sec Shots/min Range Grad/sec
M0 Ricochet 12-16 100.0 72m 74.5
M1 Ricochet 14-19 103.6 73m 84.2
M2 Ricochet 17-23 109.1 76m 98.5
M3 Ricochet 21-28 119.0 80m 120.3

Special abilitiesEdit

Ricochet fires a special ball of energy that can bounce off of objects (IT CAN'T BOUNCE FROM VERY FAR). This is very usefull in clearing a small area or hitting a tank behind a wall.



  • Can hit tanks behind a wall or barrier
  • Does a fairly large amount of damage, even at long range
  • Can clear out a single area without even getting scraped
  • Can deliver a large amount of damage if you get the shells to wizz right by someone, even if you miss by a little.


  • Still vulnerable to long range weaponry very far away.
  • Can accidently hit oneself if they don't use the gun correctly
  • Doesn't do much damage against powerful armors


  • The Ricochet has the highest amount of recoil for an automatic weapon
  • Ricochet has the 3rd highest recoil in the game. (The second being Thunder and the first being Railgun)