Railgun M2 and Didactor M2

The Railgun is a widely used used large-caliber gun in the game. It can kill many tanks with just one right shot. It is generally used as a sniping gun on large- or medium-sized maps, as damage dealt is not reduced over the distance. Upgraded versions of the Railgun have the potential to deal large amounts of damage to even the most well-armoured Tanks. Although it is considered slightly expensive, the cost is relieved by special events such as June's 25% off or the forum posting that helps you with financial problems.

The Railgun is mostly used with the Dictator and Hornet, and sometimes with the Viking, but it can be used with any tank base.


Upgrade Hp Shot/min Grad/sec Minimum Rank Cost
1 52- 78 7.9 34.4 Private 0
2 80 - 120 8.3 40.1 Warent Officer
3 92 - 140 8.4 57.3 First Lieutenant 0
4 122 -166 8.7 80.2 General




  • Deal large amounts of Damage Per Shot, even at long range.
  • Can kill most tanks in 1 hit, espescially M3
  • Can shoot straight through tanks, allowing you to get multiple kills in one shot
  • If your tank lands on its side, then you can use the massive recoil of the railgun to flip your tank over. However, it will not work if your tank lands on its back


  • Has the longest reload time of any gun in the game
  • There is a slight delay between reloading and firing the shot that prevents players from shooting tanks instantly. Take this small delay into mind when assaulting other tanks.
  • Railguns are only really effective at M2 or M3