Mines are a special type of weapon that can be used against unsuspecting tanks that are following you or attempting to capture you team's flag. The mine has many uses, and has enough power to destroy an M3 Mammoth. Mines are nearly impossible to remove, and prove a very dangerous threat to tanks trying to chase you.

Item HP/sec
Mine 120-240


Mines have many practical uses, the main one being guarding a choke point or your team's flag. They can also be used to protect yourself against other sneaky tanks, like Freeze or Isida. This is especially usefull if you are sniping or trying to create an ambush.

Another thing it can do is that you can use it to cover a retreat to your base, such as when you are capturing an enemy team's flag. This is especially usefull at tanks that have to get close up to deal damage. (Like Firebird, Isida, and Freeze)

Destroying minesEdit

There are 4 ways in which a player can destroy an enemy mine. They are:

  1. Kill the owner of the mines
  2. Wait untill the battle is over
  3. Wait untill the player leaves
  4. Run over the mines

Since options 2 and 3 may take a long time, and option 4 is basically suicide, killing the player is the best option. However, they may be using mines as a type of cover, and are using them to defend a certain pass. By doing this, they can then hide behind a wall and avoid enemy fire (Unless you use a Thunder or Ricochet)

If that happens, then the only way to destoy them would be to run right over them, which is impossible to survive without an M3 Mammoth with Double Armor. And since they only cost as much as a health pack, players can buy them is massive amounts, so even if you were to run over them, the player could just create more, rendering fully destroying a minefield impossible, save for if the player runs out of mines or leaves.