Freeze M0 with Hornet M0

Freeze is a very special weapon. It can freeze enemies, making them turn and walk slowly. It's a strong weapon against Isida, which is just a little boy against this toy. In the right hands, it's one of the strongest weapons on the battlefield. It is most used with Dictator and Hornet.


Upgrade Hp/sec Grad/sec Grad Distance Minimum Rank Cost
1 20 82.1 20 20 Warrant Officer 2 550
2 22 93.4 20 20 Warrant Officer 3 1700
3 26 111.7 20 20 Warrant Officer 4 5000
4 32 146.1 20 20 Warrant Officer 5 15000

Special AbilitiesEdit

This weapon has the special abilitie of freeze the other tanks. They take about 5-10 seconds to defreeze, depending on how frozen it was, but the Firebird can defreeze them faster. It can also stop burning tanks from burning, therforee thawing them out.



  • Excellent against tanks at close range
  • Can defend a small pass or area very effectively
  • Is especially usefull at destroying tanks who have taken your flag


  • Can easily be destroyed by tanks with long-range weapons (such as Railgun, Thunder, Shaft, or sometimes even Smoky)
  • Firebird can easily unfreeze tanks you are attacking
  • Will freeze allied tanks if friendly fire is on