Firebird is the second weapon unlocked in Tanki Online, available for 150 crystals at the begining of the game. Its flames can take down more than one tank at a time, similar to its Tier 2 counterpart, Freeze . Firebirds are usually best with Hornet or Viking .

Firebird M3 with Wasp

UpgradesEdit 01:24, August 25, 2013 (UTC)danni Firebird, when used well, can be a powerful weapon at M3, when it does more damage per sec than an M0 Freeze . It is also the second-cheapest turret in the game, with the cost being 400 crystals for an M3 Firebird.

Upgrades Hp/Sec Grad/Sec Grad Distance Minimum Rank Cost
1 12 91.7 20 20 Corporal 5
2 14 103.1 20 20 Master Corporal more like 7000
3 18 126.1 20 20 Staff Sergeant more like 15000 idk
4 24 171.9 20 20 First Sergeant more like 50000 idk

Special AbilitiesEdit

Firebird has a special ability which allows it to defreeze tanks attacked by Freeze. It also has a burn that leaves enemies burnt for a while, and can burn burn to death.