Didactor M2 with Railgun M2

Dictator is one of the oldest armours of the game, and one of the strongest. It was the most used before Hornet, Viking and Mammoth. It's powerfull and is used by almost every type of players. It's good to use with Smoky, Twins, Firebird, Railgun, Isida, Thunder, Ricochet and Freeze. It has the best combination of speed and life. If you don't believe, try it yourself!


Upgrade Hp M/sec Grad/sec Minimum Rank Cost
1 60 5.0 100 Master Sergeant 150
2 70 5.5 110 First Sergeant 500
3 90 6.5 130 Sergeant-major 1500
4 120 8.0 160 Warrant Officer 1 5000