Serpuhov is a fairly large map that supports the gametypes Death Match, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag. Due to its openness you are best off useing ranged guns like the Railgun, Thunder, Smokey, Shaft or Ricochet. This is also a good map for Isidas as there is lots of teammates to heal. For your hull you are best off using something that balences speed and defence as you will be taking hits and running away from them.

Recent Events:

Recently Serpuhov has been deleted from the Tanki servers. (Even though it is by far the best map).


Some players belive this map to be a haven for 'Sniping'. Sniping involves hiding behind bushes/walls and shooting people without getting noticed. Before Tanki 2.0 Railguns were the bet choice for sniping, but the beam gave your position away, you could also snipe with Smokey but you tended to be discovered before killing your enemy. In 2.0 the Shaft was introduced, the Shaft enabled players to zoom in with a Sniper Scope and charge their weapon before firing, also bearly any trail is left visible when a Shaft is fired.

Sniping In SerpuhovEdit

In Serpuhov there are serveral different places to snipe successfully from both teams. On red team (spawns on the raised area) the two best places to snipe are in the grasses beside the bridge and on the raised dirt pass on the other side of the map. For blue team hide in these places on your side.

NOTE!: When sniping use greenish paint for summer and whitish paint for winter.


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